Stop ‘doing’ Montessori and start living it

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When you’re new to Montessori, it’s easy – and quite common – to get sidetracked by the concept of the Montessori materials. They are certainly fascinating objects, and parents often spend lots of time and money either buying authentic Montessori materials for the home or creating “Montessori-inspired” activities in hopes that their child will be transformed into a focused, self-controlled, and creative little person.

The time has come to put away your wallet, laminating machine, and hot glue gun. You can buy or make materials until you’re blue in the face, but it is highly unlikely that building a Pink Tower or transferring pom-poms will help your child reap the true benefits of Montessori if you ignore the principles of the philosophy.


I invite you to stop DOING Montessori and start LIVING Montessori.

Begin with three simple steps…


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