Want your child to be a success? Quit scheduling and let them play freely

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It doesn’t have to be clever, it doesn’t have to be complex, you just need to enjoy it. Play with your children, doing something that gives you genuine enjoyment. That enjoyment is infectious and creates the right, emotionally warm environment for play and development. Make sure the time you spend with your kids is quality time for you both. Scientists have shown that as well as finding ways to offer your child a variety of play experiences, your attitudes and approaches to play are just as important.

So take a subject that you love, and think about how you can get your children engaged. Both parents and children alike can get hours of fun and laughter from simply engaging in a bit of rough and tumble, but actually this aspect of play is incredibly beneficial for children. Physical play (such as running, climbing and gymnastics) helps a child develop their whole body and hand-eye co-ordination and is important in building strength and endurance. But it also provides a crucial means for children to develop their emotional intelligence. Rough and tumble with friends and family creates strong emotional bonds, and expressive awareness. Through this type of interaction, children learn to be sensitive to others, and begin to establish their limits.

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