Fun, Alternative Sports Ideas for the Non-Team Sport Kid

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As seen on Health for All Kids

Not all kids are attracted to typical team sports and the competitive fanfare that surrounds it. While take me-out-to-the-ball game is indeed a great pastime and there are many benefits to traditional athletics — unless your child is truly enjoying themselves and has his/her head in the game it might be time to discover some new opportunities.

And opportunities abound. Encouraging your kid to explore other avenues doesn’t have to side line you as “soccer mom” hoping your ‘lil champ doesn’t fear the inevitable strike out. Finding other fun-filled-get-up-and-go alternatives can help your child stay active, build confidence, demonstrate discipline and develop many other fundamental attributes.

According to resources like the Sports & Fitness Association and National Alliance for Sports, youth enrollment has fallen in traditionally popular sports like basketball, football and soccer with seventy percent of children leaving organized sports by the age of 13.


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