Welcome to Singing Forest Montessori Eco School

Situated in the north of Johannesburg, Singing Forest Montessori Eco School is an intimate private school that nurtures children from the inside out, empowering them to unlock their unlimited potential.

We have grown from the first Montessori Toddler Group in the Fourways area, started in a garden cottage in 2008 with three little toddlers, to two authentic Montessori pre-schools and Chartwell House Montessori Eco School, an authentic Montessori primary school.


With a philosophy that focuses on the complete development of the child, from the inside out, we hold a strong set of values which include:

• Individuality

• Character development

• Authentic learning

• A love of work

• Independence and adaptability

• Eco focus

• A multi-cultural family with a global perspective and a sense of international understanding

We strive to instill these qualities in our children in order to prepare them for a future we cannot predict, a life of integrity and positive contribution to the world.

For further information you can contact us on admissions@singing-forest.co.za