We believe in every child and are committed to helping them fly.

We do this by recognizing their individual strengths, nurturing who they are and helping them unlock their unique potential. Due to the rapidly changing and increasingly dynamic career landscape our children will face, they need to be firmly grounded in ingenuity, creativity and adaptability. Therefore our focus, besides education, is on developing the characteristics that will enable them to take initiative, be proactive, organize themselves, set goals and achieve them, manage their own time and experience the internal satisfaction that comes from being self-motivated, diligent and applying oneself.

It is with this in mind that we particularly focus on building the inner skills that are required to become self-sufficient.

Our schools have a sustainability focus. Our multi-form for the primary school is made of local Three Cat Shweshwe, and each item is hand sewn by Ma Catherine, a woman of dignity and strength, who supports her family. Each school also cultivates its own food forest, where children plant and harvest organic vegetables and fruit.

Indigenous, water wise fauna and flora are protected and new plants are researched and specifically chosen to attract butterflies and birds. The children recycle and are conscious of our need to refurbish the soil. They do this by ensuring that all bio-degradable food “left overs” are put through a bokashi bin cycle and composted.